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Which Probiotic Strains are in our products?

We carefully select the probiotic strains creating a custom blend of the most important probiotics for our gut. We have 24 live & active probiotics in our Kefir and 45 in our Shots. This potent probiotic formula created by our doctors aims to restore gut diversity and improve digestion, immune system, and brain health.

100 Trillion Probiotic Kefir:

BIFIDOBACTERIUM: Lactis (4), Infantis. LACTOBACILLUS: Delbrueckii (2), Acidophilus (3), Casei (2), Plantarum, Paracasei, Rhamnosus (3), Brevis. LACTOCOCCUS: Lactis (4). STREPTOCOCCUS: Thermophilus. LEUCONOSTOC: Mesenteroides.

100 Trillion Probiotic Shots:

BIFIDOBACTERIUM: Bifidum (3), Lactis (5), Animalis, Breve (2), Longum (3), Infantis (2). LACTOBACILLUS: Reuteri, Delbrueckii, Salivarius, Gasseri, Acidophilus (4), Casei, Plantarum (4), Paracasei (2), Rhamnosus (7), Fermentum, Bulgaricus, Helveticus (2), Brevis. LACTOCOCCUS: Lactis. STREPTOCOCCUS: Thermophilus.

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