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Good health begins
in the gut

Improve your gut, brain and overall well-being with the most powerful, science-based and delicious probiotics.

Real food. No pills.
No side effects.

Get natural, medicinal-quality—and the most powerful—probiotics to help you preserve and improve your health. With food, not medication.

Why thousands of people choose Kefir Lab’s probiotics

gut health

Help boost
immune system

Support healthy

Help restore
gut diversity

brain health

Help fight

Mood & Stress

Science-based, yet natural

A doctor-developed formula and selected science-based probiotic strains. All for the maximum benefit for your microbiome.
  • Doctor-developed
  • 100 Trillion CFU
  • Professional Probiotic Strains
  • Highest Strain Diversity
  • Third-party Tested

Clean. Powerful. Delicious.

We combine clean, minimally processed ingredients with professional probiotics in a cutting-edge lab. The results are powerful and truly delicious.
  • Real Ingredients
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • No Preservatives or Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Gums & Thickeners

How are we different?

Kefir Lab Kefirs/Shots Probiotic Pills
CFU 100 Trillion 1-50 Billion 1-50 Billion
Price/ Trillion CFU $0.4 – $0.7 $1,000 $12,000
Probiotic Origin Naturally Extracted GMO Lab Created GMO Lab Created
Type of probiotics Professional Generic Professional
Strain Variety 16-36 2-12 1-12
Live & Active Varies
100% Real Ingredients

Thousands who love Kefir Lab

Loved by doctors, health & nutrition experts, professional athletes, and health enthusiasts from all corners of the world.
4.9 / 5 (323)

It supports me in my everyday life with digestion and mental clarity.

– Dino, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete

I feel energetic and ready to go, no matter what the day throws at me!

– Matthias, Nature Enthusiast

Kefir is our best way to start the day, it makes us feel stronger and healthier.

– Alessio and Dalila , Entrepreneurs

Best dairy products in US!

– Lisa David

My son had stopped being sick and is immune to the seasonal flu.

– Roxana, Mother

It has a superior taste from the natural ingredients

– Sun, Entrepreneur

It was one of the most pleasant tastes I’ve ever tried, so smooth and fresh!

– Delara, Business Analytics

Definitely recommend, the best health discovery I made so far!

– Ernest

The best kefir I’ve ever tried. It’s even better than back in Russia.

– Bulat, Entrepreneur

A taste of home, but better. I didn’t have organic cacao and vanilla flavours growing up!

– Inkar, Digital Marketer

You won’t regret trying their products or doing business with them 💖

– Leila, Marketing Associate

The best kefir I’ve had. Its tasty and has lots of probiotics. The consistency is perfect.

– Askar

this brand is the closest thing to what I usually get back home.

– Liza, Data Scientist

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