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Probiotics with good intentions – for living a healthy and happy life.

100 trillion CFU to boost your gut health, immune system and brain to the next level.

Clean. Powerful. Delicious.

Probiotic Kefir


Probiotic Shots

Doctor-developed Formula
Organic & Minimally Processed
Market’s Highest Probiotic Count
No Added Sugar & Alternatives
No Preservatives or Artificial Flavours
Doctor-developed Formula
Organic & Minimally Processed
Market’s Highest Probiotic Count
No Added Sugar & Alternatives
No preservatives or Artificial Flavours

Created by a couple who wouldn’t settle for less than the best.

We couldn’t find a probiotic kefir that met our standards, so were challenged to reimagine it. The result is everything we believe kefir should be – delicious and functional; with the maximum benefits for our biome.


5.0 out of 5.0 stars

We are honoured and happy to hear how
our products help people everyday.

  • Dino

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete
    It supports me in my everyday life with digestion and mental clarity.

  • Matthias

    Nature Enthusiast
    I feel energetic and ready to go, no matter what the day throws at me!

  • Alessio and Dalila

    Kefir is our best way to start the day, it makes us feel stronger and healthier.

  • Lisa David

    Best dairy products in US!

  • Roxana

    My son had stopped being sick and is immune to the seasonal flu.

  • Sun

    It has a superior taste from the natural ingredients

  • Delara

    Business Analytics
    It was one of the most pleasant tastes I’ve ever tried, so smooth and fresh!

  • Ernest

    Definitely recommend, the best health discovery I made so far!

  • Bulat

    The best kefir I’ve ever tried. It’s even better than back in Russia.

  • Inkar

    Digital Marketer
    A taste of home, but better. I didn’t have organic cacao and vanilla flavours growing up!

  • Leila

    Marketing Associate
    You won’t regret trying their products or doing business with them 💖

  • Liza

    Data Scientist
    this brand is the closest thing to what I usually get back home.

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