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Kefir Lab Reviews

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete
Kefir lab products have been a staple in my everyday routine and diet. It supports me in my everyday life with digestion and mental clarity. When I’m on the mat and training in Jiujitsu, it helps keep my energy level at an all time high. A healthy gut equals a healthy mind which equals a happy body and life. I strongly recommend Kefir Lab products to implement into your everyday routine.


Nature Enthusiast
A healthy breakfast every morning can be a challenge. Luckily I found Kefir, which is so easy and tasty I almost feel like I am cheating! Every morning I include Kefir with berries and oats for a fresh and tasty breakfast. That way I feel energetic and ready to go, no matter what the day throws at me!

Alessio and Dalila

We discovered Kefir Lab in 2019 in San Francisco, and since then we never left it! Kefir is our best way to start the day, it makes us feel stronger and healthier. It taste delicious and it is really enjoyable to drink. I recommend everybody to try. It will offer a wide range of benefits boosting your energy, productivity and mood during the day!


Roxana, Mother
I am so grateful to have Kefir in our family! Ever since I had introduced it to our daily routine, my son had stopped being sick and is immune to the seasonal flu. I noticed that I don’t have anxiety anymore and I am pretty sure it’s because of Kefir. Our family is now happy and healthy and all our friends are now drinking Kefir as well!


I didn’t know what was Kefir at the first time. After I tried it, I fell in love with it. First of all, it has a superior taste from the natural ingredients. Also, it helped me to live a healthy and happy life. I couldn’t be regular and I was often feeling bad. Now, I achieve my regularity again and never been so happy. I hope other people can have the same experience as me.


Business Analytics
For some people kefir is a new taste, I was one of them. Only because I knew Kefirlab is 100% organic, hormone free and has many health benefits I tried it. It was one of the most pleasant tastes I’ve ever tried, so smooth and fresh! Heavenly balance of sourness and sweetness. Glad that me and my husband are regular now.

Lisa David

Best dairy products in US!


In U.S it’s hard to find a good quality probiotic Kefir that is actually functional. When I saw these guys from Kefir Lab and their beautiful laboratory I subscribed to the weekly probiotic delivery and I haven’t been sick ever since. Definitely recommend, the best health discovery I made so far!


Digital Marketer
It’s impossible to find good kefir in north america that’s both healthy and tasty. Kefirlab is a taste of home, but better. I love that the flavours are subtle and “modern”, not full of sugar and artificial flavours. It’s great for breakfast and a mid-day snack.


The best kefir I’ve ever tried. It’s even better than back in Russia. I never liked flavoured kefir because of the weird sugary taste, but kefir lab changed it. Cacao and vanilla are now my favourite- smooth, slightly tangy with notes of the flavour and little particles of organic cacao/vanilla.

Dex Fx

You are best!


Deliciously tart and cacao-y. Bought a pack after I had COVID — which apparently severely affects your gut health — and I bounced pack pretty quickly.


Marketing Associate
“A taste of home” – Being from Russia I know how to appreciate good dairy products. Unfortunately in the US it’s very difficult to find not only good quality but great tasting kefir. But Kefir Lab is life-changing 100%!! Super healthy and delicious. Plus the founders are a couple of the best people I ever met! You won’t regret trying their products or doing business with them 💖


Data Scientist
I’ve been living in SF for two years now and this brand is the closest thing to what I usually get back home. Dates & Cocoa is my all time fav!


Great products, suitable for all family members. Charitable effect on the digestion process, and is also well suited for dietary nutrition. Recommend ! (Translated by Google)


The best kefir I’ve had. Its tasty and has lots of probiotics. The consistency is perfect. The bottle size is just right, i can bring it with me anywhere (other kefirs come in huge bottles). Love the packaging 😉