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What is the Gut Microbiome?

Your body hosts trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They are collectively known as the microbiome. Trillions of these microbes exist mainly inside your gut and on your skin.While some bacteria are associated with disease, others are important for your immune system, digestion, heart, weight, brain health, mood, and many other aspects of health. Bacterial cells in and on the body outnumber human cells by a ratio of ten to one. That means you are more bacteria than human!

A healthy gut contains vigorous bacteria and immune cells that ward off pathogens agents like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. A healthy microbiome also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones to maintain general health and well-being.

On the contrary, an imbalance of unhealthy and healthy microbes in the intestines may contribute to weight gain, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, autoimmune conditions, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, sleep problems, depression, sugar cravings, and other disorders.

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