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How do probiotics help digestion?

Probiotics may help with a few digestive issues such as colic, constipation, Chron’s disease, IBD, IBS, lactose intolerance, and ulcerative colitis. Researchers have found that healthy people have a more expansive variety of probiotic strains in their gut than people with chronic diseases. Restoring the Microbiota and increasing the Probiotic diversity may help relieve digestive issues and favor the absorption of nutrients in the small and large intestines.

In general, Probiotics lower the PH level in the gut helping the stools move faster through the colon and help people with constipation issues. It may also help people with chronic diarrhea associated with antibiotics to restore gut diversity of the good bacteria that antibiotics might have killed. Additionally, Probiotics present in the small intestine aid the body’s absorption of proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients.

To start getting the real benefits of Probiotics, we recommend increasing their daily intake. It will help reduce the side effects of any of the above chronic issues and improve your quality of life and overall well-being.

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