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How do probiotics work?

Probiotic bacteria can create a healthy balance within the body by helping to maintain a good intestinal flora while improving immune function, cognitive health, and digestion.

They assist digestion and nutrient absorption by producing enzymes that help break down food. In addition, they also help create a few vitamins that our bodies don’t make.

Probiotics control most of our defense system. They can ‘crowd out’ any pathogenic bacteria that may have been able to take hold because of their rapid growth. Good bacteria compete with pathogens both for food sources and space to live, making it difficult for undesirable bacteria to survive. Probiotics produce specific stomach acid that inhibits the growth of pathogens while improving the gut environment and our health.

These beneficial bacteria may help with our hormone production influencing our brain health. They can help regulate mood in managing stress, anxiety, and depression. Probiotics can aid cognitive functions by promoting memory and reducing brain fog.


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