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Why did you switch from Glass Bottles to PET1?

We constantly look for ways to be a better business for the world we are living in.

Hence, we made a tough decision to switch from glass bottles to BPA – Free and Highly Recyclable PET1 plastic bottles. We want to be fully transparent with our customers and share all our major decisions.

While it was ideal at the smaller scale, back when we started at farmers markets and local stores in the Bay Area, it wasn’t as effective and sustainable when we scaled.

Producing, transporting and recycling glass is CO2 intensive. In addition, the enormous amounts of hot water waste to sanitize bottles before use wasn’t at all sustainable for the citizens of beautiful California, where the water is scarce.

Because we are perfectionists, when it comes to health we have absolutely no compromises. That is why we switched to special IMS Dairy Certified Bottles which account to only 10% of all PET1 bottles on the market. These are made special for dairy use and are certified not to leach any chemicals. We made sure you won’t feel any difference vs. glass (except for the lighter grocery bag and lower price!).

We believe in saving the water and carbon emissions and encouraging our Probiotic Fans to recycle the bottles.

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