Our Manifesto

REAL FOOD – Eating real is the core value and founding principle of our company because WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. The science of microbiome disrupts human health & nutrition. We want to be the pioneers in the Gut-Brain movement and encourage other companies to jump on the trend and change the world one gut at a time ;)

CREATE A COMMUNITY - Together we can foster the long-term thinking and responsibility of wellness and disease prevention.

RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT - We take packaging with the same level of professionalism we apply to the products themselves. By choosing the special IMS Certified Bottles (only 10% of all PET1 recyclable bottles on the market) we ensure our customers benefits from probiotics without the added chemicals commonly found in plastic.

Meet the Founders

Erika and Dario founded Kefir Lab as part of their shared vision to revolutionize the world’s perspective on having a healthy gut. Erika grow up in Moscow, Russia surrounded by family generation of doctors where she learned about the gut-brain connection and the incredible benefits probiotic Kefir has on our bodies. When she moved to North America she couldn’t find the high quality probiotic Kefir that met her expectations, where the origins of Kefir date back to 2,000 years. After experiencing drastic changes on the way she feels and performs she knew she could do much better and started to experiment making her own Kefir using the biomedical approach she learned from her father. Dario grew up in Tuscany, Italy, where he cultivated his passion about the art of real and healthy food. While in North America’s restaurant business, Dario experienced the negative effect that processed food and antibiotics have on our immune system, inflammation and overall health. Motivated by Erika’s passion in Probiotic Kefir, numerous readings and self-experiments - he felt the real difference and thrived to share it with the world!

After years of probiotic research and traveling in search of the highest quality ingredients Erika and Dario crafted the markets most functional probiotic Kefir in their Laboratory ensuring the maximum benefits for our biome. Ever since, we are honored to hear our customers transformational journeys with Kefir Lab Probiotics. We are dedicated to placing people first, delivering value, working sustainable and maintaining extremely high production standards in our Laboratory.

When, Where, How to Use Kefir Lab Probiotics

Thanks to our Italian taste expert, our Kefir has a smooth and round finish which makes it very versatile when it comes to combining with other foods. From there on, feel free to exercise your wildest imagination! Here are the 3 ways for your inspiration.

Complete Breakfast – weather its overnight oats, kefir with muesli or fruits or just breakfast on the go. Kefir is a light, nutritious and wholesome way to start your day!

Snack in between – Have a bottle in between the meals as a snack to elevate your immune system and productivity!

Drink to accompany the meal – Kefir is a Champagne of Dairy, so why not to indulge it with a meal as you would Kombucha? It will boost your digestion and metabolism keeping your body in shape!