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Kefir Lab’s Health Coaching

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Experience the power of physical and mental wellness with Kefir Lab’s personalized consultations.
  • Personalized Health Strategies
  • Actionable Tips & Guidance
  • Beauty and Wellness from Within
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Why Us

Comprehensive Health Consultations
Tailored for You.

  • Diet & Nutrition

    Customized dietary plans to fuel your body and mind.
  • Mental & Brain Health

    Strategies for mental clarity and cognitive enhancement.
  • Physical Health & Fitness

    Personalized fitness regimes for peak physical performance.
  • Gut Health

    Balancing gut health for overall well-being.
  • Aging & Beauty

    Graceful aging and beauty techniques for lasting health.
  • Immunity & Disease Prevention

    Strengthen your body’s defenses naturally.
  • Customized Health Plans

    Tailor-made health strategies for your unique needs.

    Kefir Lab Experts

    Meet Your Health Coaches

    • Jordan Mazur, MS, RD

      Sports Performance Nutrition

      Experienced Registered Dietitian specializing in sports performance nutrition and currently serves as the Director of Nutrition in the NFL.

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      Jordan Mazur, MS, RD

      Jordan Mazur is a seasoned professional with 8 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian, certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

      He has an extensive background in sports performance nutrition, health, and wellness.

      Currently, he holds the position of Director of Nutrition in the NFL, a role he has embraced for 7 years.

      Additionally, Mazur is the owner of JM Nutrition Consulting and contributes as a media journalist, covering a wide range of topics including nutrition, health, and food.


      Specialized in sports performance nutrition, his expertise extends to general health and wellness, with a specific focus on nutritional strategies in the athletic domain.

    • Jesse Zastrow

      Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness, Spirituality

      12+ years in wellness, specializing in energy medicine and holistic health, emphasizing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

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      Jesse Zastrow

      Jesse Zastrow is a holistic health practitioner dedicated to enhancing overall well-being at every level of human experience—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

      With over 12 years of experience in the wellness field, Jesse specializes in energy medicine, focusing on balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

      His approach is comprehensive, integrating meditation practices, physical performance optimization, nutritional guidance, and mental reprogramming to facilitate profound and lasting health improvements.


      Specializing in energy medicine, Jesse offers unique solutions for energetic imbalances and emphasizes meditation for mental clarity and emotional stability.

      His holistic approach also encompasses optimizing physical performance, nutritional fulfillment, and mental reprogramming for complete health and freedom.

    • Erika Gilmandinova

      Nutrition & Lifestyle

      Probiotic expert at Kefir Lab with extensive experience
      in enhancing gut health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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      Erika Gilmandinova

      Erika Gilmandinova is a probiotic expert at Kefir Lab, backed by 15 years of experience in promoting gut health through nutrition and lifestyle.

      Stemming from a family of doctors, microbiologists, and probiotic researchers, Erika is well-grounded in her field.

      She holds a Master’s degree in Disruptive Innovation, a certification in Functional Nutrition, and has completed several courses at Harvard, including “Science of Cooking,” “Chemistry of Cooking,” and “Cooking with Microbes.”


      Erika’s specialization lies in probiotic consultancy, particularly in optimizing gut health. She is also proficient in functional nutrition, offering tailored nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

      Her background in disruptive innovations and her extensive family lineage in medicine enable her to devise innovative approaches for gut health improvement.

    • Manoli Lagos

      Nutrition, Performance Biohacking, Detoxing

      A seasoned Health Coach, guiding clients to optimal well-being and performance through nutrition, exercise, and biohacking.

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      Manoli Lagos

      Manoli is the founder of a coaching platform, The Living Fuel, that has transformed the lives of over 10,000 people.

      He is a certified Health Coach and has been coaching busy professionals, CEOs, athletes, and high-performers for 8 years by helping them feel and perform better in their everyday lives.

      Manoli is an avid biohacker and practices what he preaches, allowing him to stay at the cutting edge of technology and wellness for his clients.


      Manoli’s specializes in nutrition, exercise coaching, weight loss and helping people reclaim the connection with their body and unlock their highest potential.

      Her background in disruptive innovations and her extensive family lineage in medicine enable her to devise innovative approaches for gut health improvement.

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      Experience the power of physical and mental wellness with Kefir Labs personalized consultations.

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        Starting at $65/h