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Our story

Created by a couple who wouldn’t settle for less than the best.

We wanted something simple, clean, and backed by science. So, we were challenged to reimagine Kefir. The result is everything we think kefir should be – a delicious doctor-developed formula

Foundation of the vision

Erika grew up in Moscow, Russia, in a family of medical doctors and scientists. Since she was a kid, her parents taught her about healthy, active lifestyle, and the gut-brain connection.

Thus, having probiotic kefir in her diet was essential, like drinking water and eating food.

The need for probiotics

When Erika moved to North America, she couldn’t find a functional kefir that met her standards. After a while, she started experiencing drastic changes in her well-being and overall performance.

First Experiments

The lack of quality probiotic products motivated Erika to create her own kefir at home. She started experimenting, using a unique biomedical process her father shared with her.

The meeting of a lifetime

When Dario met Erika, he was struck by her passion for probiotics and the gut-brain connection. He researched the topic, self-experimented by drinking kefir on a daily basis. Dario felt a drastic difference and wanted to share it with the world.

Russian kefir meets Italian taste

Being raised in Tuscany, Italy, Dario’s been passionate about the art and the science of delicious, organic, and healthy foods; so he knew he could add a special taste to a special kefir.

Inception of Kefir Lab

Erika and Dario founded Kefir Lab as part of a shared vision – to spread knowledge about the microbiome and the power of probiotics; in a delicious and fun way.

Research & Development

They’ve spent over four years on research, traveled the world in search of the highest quality strains and ingredients. The result is everything they believe kefir should be – delicious and functional.

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