Kefir Variety Pack

Kefir Variety Pack

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3 in 1 Probiotic Kefir

Upgrade your breakfast, adding your favorite fruit or granola to elevate your immune system, as a snack on the go for improved brain performance, or with a meal to boost your metabolism! It gives your gut everything it could ask for!

Nutritious & Convenient

Just take it regularly and maintain healthy eating habits and that would be enough to have a healthy gut and keep your body strong & protected.

  • Nutrient Dense
  • Organic & Minimally processed
  • High in protein & calcium
  • Keto | Primal | Gluten-free
  • Made in San Francisco

The Probiotics are live and active - consume within 5 days after opening.

Let us know your favorite combination of 6 flavors in the “Special instruction section” at the checkout.

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