The most functional probiotic Kefir

100 trillion CFU's to get your gut health to the next level!




90% of our immune system is in our Gut! Probiotics act as a shield against most common disease and strengthen your body from the effect of stress, illness or antibiotics.



Probiotics are fundamental to digest the food and absorb its nutrients, even for those with difficulties digesting lactose. Healthy metabolism is essential to manage weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.



90% of the serotonin receptors are in our gut! Probiotics act as a key regulator of neural functions and improve brain performance, mood and sleep.



The standard industrial yogurt bacteria strains are created to grow well in milk, but don’t survive inside the human gut. Yet, professional probiotic strains do find home in our microbiome. Kefir Lab is the first drinkable probiotic kefir cultured with 24 Live & Active Probiotic Strains. It’s so fresh & concentrated with the market’s highest 100 Trillion gut friendly cultures. The probiotics will work in harmony acting as a shield against the most common disease, improve digestion and promote brain functionality.


Recent medicine's discovery of the connection between the brain and the gut recognizes the direct influence on your digestion, mood, health and even the way you think and work. The 24 live & active cultures in our Kefir are the perfect blend to satisfy your microbiota. Probiotics will work in harmony to protect your body from bad bacteria and to promote brain functionality and longevity.

Made in San Francisco
Nutrient Dense
High in Protein & Calcium
Keto | Primal | Gluten-free

NO preservatives
NO gums & thickeners
NO artificial ingredients
NO added sugar & alternatives
YES incredibly delicious & healthy!


Upgrade your breakfast, adding your favorite fruit or granola to elevate your immune system, as a snack on the go for improved brain performance, or with a meal to boost your metabolism! It gives your gut everything it could ask for! Find more recipes in our Instagram @KefirLab


Erika and Dario founded Kefir Lab as part of their shared vision to revolutionize the world’s perspective on having a healthy gut.

Ever since, we are honored to hear our customers transformational journeys with Kefir Lab Probiotics.

We are dedicated to placing people first, delivering value, working sustainable and maintaining extremely high production standards in our Laboratory.


Kefir is a provocative way to look at dairy, that sometimes people have concerns with. Yet, not many are aware that fermentation virtually gets rid of lactose, turning it into lactic acid that helps your digestion in everyday life. 

Kefir in The World

"1,000 trillion of them to 10 trillion of you" There are an estimated 10,000 more bacteria cells in a human body than human cells. They are named microbiome. There are countless benefits of probiotics on boosting immune functions.

Tim Ferriss, author of "The 4-Hour Body"

Ilya, the father of the probiotic kefir movement discovered that probiotics act as a shield against most common diseases and prolong life.

Ilya Mechnikov, Nobel prize in Physiology

We have all experienced the connection between our mind and our gut—the decision we made because it “felt right”; the butterflies in our stomach before a big meeting; the anxious stomach rumbling we get when we’re stressed out.

Emeran Mayer, author of
The Mind - Gut Connection

Sun, Entrepreneur

I didn't know what was Kefir at the first time. After I tried it, I fell in love with it. First of all, it has a superior taste from the natural ingredients. Also, it helped me to live a healthy and happy life. I couldn't be regular and I was often feeling bad. Now, I achieve my regularity again and never been so happy. I hope other people can have the same experience as me.

Dino, BJJ Athlete

Kefir lab products have been a staple in my everyday routine and diet. It supports me in my everyday life with digestion and mental clarity. When I'm on the mat and training in Jiujitsu, it helps keep my energy level at an all time high. A healthy gut equals a healthy mind which equals a happy body and life. I strongly recommend Kefir Lab products to implement into your everyday routine.

Matthias, Nature Enthusiast

A healthy breakfast every morning can be a challenge. Luckily I found Kefir, which is so easy and tasty I almost feel like I am cheating! Every morning I include Kefir with berries and oats for a fresh and tasty breakfast. That way I feel energetic and ready to go, no matter what the day throws at me!

Alessio & Dalila, Entrepreneurs

We discovered Kefir Lab in 2019 in San Francisco, and since then we never left it! Kefir is our best way to start the day, it makes us feel stronger and healthier. It taste delicious and it is really enjoyable to drink. I recommend everybody to try. It will offer a wide range of benefits boosting your energy, productivity and mood during the day!

Roxana, Mother

I am so grateful to have Kefir in our family! Ever since I had introduced it to our daily routine, my son had stopped being sick and is immune to the seasonal flu. I noticed that I don’t have anxiety anymore and I am pretty sure it’s because of Kefir. Our family is now happy and healthy and all our friends are now drinking Kefir as well!

Delara, Business Analytics

For some people kefir is a new taste, I was one of them. Only because I knew Kefirlab is 100% organic, hormone free and has many health benefits I tried it. It was one of the most pleasant tastes I’ve ever tried, so smooth and fresh! Heavenly balance of sourness and sweetness. Glad that me and my husband are regular now.


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